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Healthy Water For A Better Life

Custom Water Softening, Conditioning, and Filtration systems | Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties

We are Specialized Water Systems, specializing in designing customized residential water treatment solutions. Customers choose us for their project when they’re seeking a home water system that is environmentally friendly and provides personal health benefits. Every system we build is custom designed for you and your unique needs. Over the last 20 years we’ve built Thousands of state of the art whole house and point of use water systems for clients throughout Ventura County, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties. With most of our designs, the water from every tap and faucet is filtered and conditioned giving you the best water quality for protecting your plumbing, drinking, bathing, laundry, dishes, appliances, and general use.

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We handle everything for all your Water Softening, Conditioning and Filtration needs, including system design, equipment supply, installation, and ongoing maintenance. We also provide the best warranty in the business - and as a local service provider, we’re able to provide hands-on, personal support and maintenance for all of our systems, so you’ll never have to ship equipment or hire third party handymen to maintain your system. What this means for you, as the client, is that you’re receiving the best water treatment solution, it’s designed specifically for your objectives, it’s installed with the highest quality workmanship and USA made components, and we keep it running perfectly. We make it easy to improve your home’s water quality.

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High Quality Components

Our Systems are assembled in the USA and made with highest-quality components in the USA. Our valves are manufactured by Pentair, considered a Leader in Water Filtration valves and components.

Versatile Design & Installation

Systems Produced With You In Mind

Our Sales Team, Engineers, and installation crews will recommend, design, and install a system to your personal needs and desires. With over 20 years of of experience, our team will design the Most Viable and Cost-Effective system that works with the practical requirements of your home.

Dedicated Service & Support

Personal and Responsive

We strive to have distinctive Customer Service & Support. We want to keep the personal attention to your needs and concerns a high priority.

Water Filtration systems - Health focused designs

Designs we can create for your home using equipment like our Diamond Pure and Diamond Clean Systems will provide whole home water filtration that removes harsh chemicals like Chlorine, Chloramines, and other Disinfectant by-products from your home’s water while retaining healthy minerals. You intake the Chemicals that are present in your home’s water in many ways, from drinking, to absorbing it into your skin and lungs during showering and bathing, so it is vital that these chemicals are removed not just from your drinking water but bathing as well. Your skin and lungs are the biggest organs of the body. They act as a sponge. We have the best solutions for providing you with the healthiest water.

Water Softening systems - Salt-free solutions

Most of our home water systems are centered around Salt-free solutions. High Sodium levels in your home’s water affects you and your family and as well as the environment. You intake the Sodium that is present in your home’s water in many ways, from drinking, to absorbing it into your skin during bathing. Water softening systems add sodium into your home’s water to produce the softening effect - which can be felt as as slippery texture to the water. While this produces less spotting on dishes, appliances, and fixtures, the potential adverse effects are sometimes not desired - and now we provide Salt-free softening solutions as an alternative.

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We walk you through every aspect of your home’s water, from understanding the specific makeup of the water in your home, to what kind of specialized water system will solve your problems and give you the quality you’re seeking. We have perfected our craft over the course of more than 20 years, and will handle every aspect of your home’s water from system design and installation to ongoing maintenance.

If you’re in Ventura, Santa Barbara, or Los Angeles County and are exploring water treatment systems for your home please Contact Us to discuss your project.

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